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How To Erase PDF Text & Images

How to Erase PDF Text & Images
How to Add Your Text & Images to PDF
How to Permanently Remove PDF Text and Content
How to Delete PDF Pages

How to Erase PDF Text & Images

1 - Run PDF Eraser and click Open PDF button to open a PDF file. (Download)

2 - Select a appropriate-size Eraser to erase the text or images.

3 - Click Save button to save the result.

Open a PDF File Choose Eraser Save PDF

How to Add Your Text and Images to PDF

>Add Text:

1 - Click on Add Text button and Draw a text area.

2 - Type your text and click OK button.

3 - You can click the Font and Color area to change the font and color.

>Add Images:

1 - Click on Add Image button and click on the PDF page.

2 - Select an image file to add.

3 - You can drag the right bottom spot to resize the image.

Add Text OK Button Change Color and Font
Add image Image File Resize

How to Permanently Remove Text and Content from PDF

1 - Open a PDF file in PDF Eraser.

2 - Click on the Delete Field Tool.

Permanently Remove Text tool

3 - Press your mouse left button and Draw a field to the text or content you want to remove.

Permanently Remove Text tool

4 - Click on the Save PDF button to save the PDF file.

Save the PDF

5 - You will see the text permanently deleted from the PDF, no matter you convert it or check it in any reader programs.

Permanently Removed

How to Delete PDF Pages

1 - Run PDF Eraser and click on Page Cutter.

2 - Click the big button, or drag and drop a PDF file onto it.

3 - Select pages you want to delete. You can drag on the list to select one more pages.

4 - Click Delete Selected button to delete pages.

5 - Click Save button to Save the PDF.

PDF Page Cutter drop PDF file Select PDF Pages
Delete PDF pages save PDF File end

Need to Delete Text from PDF Files in Bulk?

Just try PDF Text Deleter, which is a Windows PDF program enables you to permanently delete text from PDF files in bulk easily.

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